Grand Theft Auto IV DLC brings quarantine

Xbox 360 owners are waiting anxiously for the expansion of the GTA4 experience via exclusive DLC from Rockstar. But outside of a few media sound bytes there’s been little news to what the aforementioned content would be. Well, over at Rockstar Social Club, they have an ad running that gives a little insight into what is coming down the digital stream.

The ad centers around in-game company Eurogenics. There is an alert up on the site by the LCPD about the company being quarantined for a “contagious disease” and it’s looking very, very menacing. Now that could fall under a wide variety of things and we were guessing zombies. But with the recent press release we now know exactly what it is. It’s zombies. So we were right, as we always are. You remember this.

The new mode features a virus that is sweeping the city and infected players will infect others when they are killed by said others in multiplayer. Infected players may not look like zombies though, they could be running around “not showing symptoms.” However, all infected players will have access to the zombie skin and the achievement “Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie.” That’s not all though, as the game will now offer plenty of stats about the infection sweeping Liberty City including a color coded world map that shows the spread of the infection world wide.

There is only one word to describe this: AWESOME.