Shocker! EA’s planning some sequels

It may come as a shock to hear that EA is planning sequels for some of their strong selling, high-profile titles. I know, I was flabbergasted, abashed, dumbfounded, amazed and whatever other words suggests for such an announcement too. Snarky dickishness aside, this isn’t a bad thing.

EA Games President, Frank Gibeau, dropped word that they have “sequel ideas planned,” for both Army of Two — which has sold ridiculously well since it came out — and Battlefield: Bad Company, and Glenn Schofield, executive producer of the recently released pant soiler, Dead Space, said another entry in the series is already in the works.

Normally I’m the anti-sequel, complete with cape and cool, ass-busting utility belt, but I have to say I’m all for sequels to these games. Army of Two had a great idea in being made for co-op action, but the final product was flawed and rather underwhelming. The room to build upon for a sequel could really make the series shine and deliver some sweetness to those who don’t like to play alone. Battlefield: Bad Company was a straight-up fun FPS with its tongue planted firmly in cheek and I think we need more shooters that aren’t so super serious. And then there’s Dead Space, which I want to hold me every night and tell me I’m its rock. That’s right Dead Space, I’m always here for you.