The Moon gets The Enemy as writers

Don’t worry. We were just as confused as you are right now when we got the news that the upcoming DS game The Moon had gotten The Enemy to be its writers. It didn’t even help that the press release said that writers, James McDonough and Adam Patyk, were the ones behind the screenplay. So let us clear up what the The Enemy is before we tell you what they’re doing for The Moon. The Enemy is the above two writers joined together to make a writing team who can be hired out to write anything that needs to be written. According to them they’ll do it with quality and creativity too.

Now that we all know and understand what The Enemy is and how they’re turning writing into a product (the inner artist in me cringes) we can tell you that they’ve been tapped to write for The Moon and bring it that edge that only professional writing can. The two writers have worked on basically every childhood memory/corporate product out there including Sonic, Transformers and G.I. Joe. Now, it might sound like I’m coming down harshly on this news but really I’m surprised to even hear it. This is a DS game getting professional writing of what seems to be pretty top notch quality crammed into it. This looks like the first original IP and full fledged game The Enemy will be working for.

As far as the plot of The Moon that the two have jumped into, it concerns The Moon takes place on the cold lunar surface in the year 2058. Players take control of Major Kane of the Extra Terrestrial Encounter Organization, who has been summoned to the newly established Lunar Base Alpha to investigate what has been described as a sealed hatch embedded in the surface of the moon. Things then go wrong and need to be shot at with guns.