Who framed Super Mario?

Nintendo’s Virtual Console has been a godsend for many retro gamers. But for many other old-school gamers, digital copies just don’t make the cut. These purists insist on having the real, physical, gotta-blow-in-them cartridges. So what do they do when all of their closets and shelves are bursting with game tapes? Hang the games on the wall, of course. FramedNES.com is selling custom framed NES games through Amazon.com. You can get such time-honored titles as Super Mario Bros. 1-3, Final Fantasy, Zelda, and even the pictured Zapper for about 80 bucks a pop. They look quite nice thanks to being “expertly framed,” but for most people, the tags on the Super Mario Bros. page say it all: “stupid,” “dumb,” “unnecessary,” and “waste of time.”