Lara still likes her bike in Tomb Raider: Underworld

Even though Legend was received as the shake up the Tomb Raider franchise desperately needed, a few parts of it weren’t all that hot and could have used some more work. One of these was riding the bike, which just came off as a rushed concept. Getting from point A to point B on wheels turned into an utter snooze fest after the first 15 seconds, and on top of that the bike handled pretty poorly. But there’s hope yet.

The bike will make a return in the upcoming Tomb Raider: Underworld, but with a twist — it has been incorporated into puzzles. If my decoder ring isn’t failing me then what we see in the trailer above is Lara solving a puzzle, jumping on her bike and vrooming to the needed location before the puzzle resets itself and closes the path. One thing the bike sections did accomplish in Legend was bringing a little variety to all the exploring and puzzle solving, so combining these elements might just be a winning formula.

But if you couldn’t care less about some damned bike and just want to see more of Lara then check out these twenty-two new screenshots to see her swinging around in the manor she blew up not too long ago, solving underwater puzzles while making friends with sharks, and kicking some mummy butt.