Win a sweepstakes, be in the next Bond game

I’d just like to clarify that this post isn’t for the general public. I’m actually just posting this for our resident 007 fan, Matthew Razak, who has probably entered this drawing twice already. So Matt (and other people), you might be interested in the “live the Bond lifestyle” sweepstakes being held by Spike and VisitBritan. As part of the prize, one lucky winner would be flown to England for six days, and treated to an extravagant hotel stay. You know, because that’s how Bond rolls. But you wouldn’t be interested in that, no no no. Screw hotels.

You want to be immortalized in the next 007 game , and that’s exactly what the you would get. The winner will have the honor of appearing as a character in the next Bond adventure. While the sweepstakes doesn’t specify what role you would play in the game, I have a feeling it will be the role of random bad guy. Which means you can endlessly shoot yourself in the face, courtesy of the guys at Activision. Sure, you wouldn’t be playing a pivotal part in the game, but I’m almost positive your friends will enjoy shooting you in the crotch over and over again. Hooray for technology!