Contest / We don’t know how to give away Spore

So Dexter Freebish isn’t in any games we can give away, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to give away games. No, we love to give away games and the only thing that will stop us is the mailman refusing to carry all these packages we keep shipping out. So, we’ve decided to give away 2 copies of Spore and along with them, signed copies of Dexter Freebish’s album Tripped Into Divine. How do you win these wonderful prizes? We have no idea.

Unfortunately, we can’t think of any good contests at the moment. So to win yourself some Spore and free music, come up with your own contest idea and post it in the comments below or in Community Discussions. Easy as that! TVGB: where the readers do the work.

If your contest idea is cool and original enough, we’ll also use it in future giveaways. Meaning you could also win bragging rights. And that’s always cool. Good luck!