EA ready to take on World of Warcraft

EA just can’t fight the urge to dominate the world can they? With Warhammer Online already out and slowly gaining ground in the world of MMOs, you would think that EA would be content. Well, you thought wrong. EA seems to be going for the throat, and with the announcement of Star Wars: The Old Republic, they are confident as ever. How confident? In an interview with VG247, EA Games president Frank Gibeau explained his enthusiasm for their next MMO.

“This is going to be a powerful category and there’s lots of ways to compete in this category. [Blizzard] created a much larger opportunity for everybody else, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way,” he said. But he doesn’t stop there, oh no buddy. “Just look at the base of Star Wars fans, plus what BioWare can do. Trust me: we want to win. EA’s reputation is for wanting to win.”

You hear that? EA is in it for the win. They’re ready to kick down doors and serve the papers. And with Star Wars: The Old Republic being developed by BioWare, they might just do that. A lot of information on the game is still hush hush, but I expect we will get an avalanche of information as we near release. Until then, one can only speculate if this can somehow dethrone World of Warcraft.