First Splatterhouse trailer looks…ew, but in a good way

It really has been a long time since the original Splatterhouse titles made us all cringe at its pixelated gore, 20 years in fact. That’s long enough ago that most of today’s gamers may have never had a chance to experience it in the arcades or on ill-purchases Turbografx-16 systems. Still, that doesn’t make the upcoming remake any less relevant, and given the buckets of blood displayed in the debut trailer it’s sure to turn some heads.

Splatterhouse was one of the very first games to actually come under some scrutiny for the level of violence it displayed. The game is literally just a big gore-fest, and gamers back in the late 80’s and early 90’s really ate it up. In much the same way the GTA series is a fun (if excessively violent) diversion for millions of gamers, Splatterhouse was a nice break from the cheerful world of Mario and all his many clones. If you’ve never had a chance to experience the 1988 version, you can pick up a fairly decent port of it on the Wii Virtual Console, but if you’d rather wait for the next-gen version you can just replay the trailer until all you see is red.