Cliff Bleszinski talks Gears of War movie

You see that picture above? Now, I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of one actor who can capture the look of Marcus Fenix. I don’t think there is one man who can deliver that much of concentrated testosterone, or make Chuck Norris look like my five-year old cousin. But, Cliff Bleszinski might have an idea. And he obviously he knows Fenix better than anyone. In a recent interview with IGN, he explained what type of actor he would like to see play Marcus on the big screen.

“Definitely not a wrestler. I think just go with a real actor. You know… like a Clive Owen type” he said, adding “somebody who can actually act and is incredibly charismatic. And they can put him on a workout plan for six months so he can build the muscle mass he needs.”

Well thank god it won’t be a wrestler. However, I can’t really see a charismatic Clive Owen as Marcus. I haven’t played Gears of War 2 yet, but the big man doesn’t strike me as the loving type. In fact, I’m pretty sure he can destroy a beautiful sunset by just looking at it. I’d also like to point out that it is not possible to have the physique of Marcus without eating another human being. What about you guys, anyone have an idea of who they’d like to see wield the Lancer?