Media Molecule already working on LittleBigPlanet sequel

Media Molecule have started developing the follow-up to LittleBigPlanet. According to the BBC, “Even before [LBP] hits the shops, the team are already at work on a sequel.”

The news comes from a feature on British gaming developers, or more specifically Lionhead and Media Molecule who are based just a few miles away from each other in the unassuming town of Guildford. Endearingly, the makers of PS3’s ‘defining title’ have their offices above a bathroom showroom. In the story, Media Molecule reveal their plans to build on the LBP brand. “Right now it is just a game. But the firm, with Sony, are in talks to turn it into a franchise that could mean spin offs including comics, cartoons and action figures as well as a publishing platform itself for other brands’ content,” said Alex Evans, Technical Director of the company.

With regards to the LBP sequel, there hasn’t been an official announcement and there is no quote attributed to Media Molecule in the story, but the BBC have seen it with their very own, very trusted eyes. And that’s good enough for me.

Also interviewed is Peter Molyneux who provides the following quote. “When you are making a game, you have to be ambitious and push yourself into places which are slightly uncomfortable.” Now I could provide you with a context for those words. But that wouldn’t be quite as funny.