Updated / New Xbox Experience preview program full

On Friday, we brought you news that Microsoft are running a New Xbox Experience preview program. Basically a chance to get in on the NXE a few weeks early, the program was offering out a few thousand preview spots. However, if like me you thought, “I might do that, but first I’ll just have a quick game of Dead Space/Fable 2/Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ” and all of a sudden it’s Monday, then you are out of luck. In an update to his original story, Major Nelson has revealed that the application process is now closed.

All that remains now is for all the applications to be sifted through in order to identify the participants. If you are one of the chosen few expect an email in “around a week”. For the rest of us lazy procrastinators, we’ll just have to hang on until the official release date, Nov. 19.

Update: On his podcast, Major Nelson said the applicants will get their answer via email this Wednesday, Oct. 29.