Eat Lead vids are both promising and troublesome

The above video and the one below give us our first peek at Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, which TVGB has been following with curiosity. When the game was first announced we were told about hacks which would drastically change the game world as the gamer plays. In the videos we can kind of see how this will work with entire levels morphing into different ones. I’m hoping that the hacks will be more interactive than they are in the vids since otherwise it’s basically just a change in level. These are early builds so the graphics should improve too by the time the game is released.

Of course the most important part of Eat Lead is going to be the humor. The game is a satire after all, and with both NPH and Will Arnett lending their voices we should get some great one-liners delivered. The vids show off a few of these, even referencing Die Hard twice, which is completely and totally acceptable, especially since they’re done so well. However, the comedic game character is a tricky one to pull off. Already I can see the reviews: “Sure Matt Hazard’s lines are funny the first few times you hear them, but after the millionth repeat you just wish he’d shut up.”

So we’re cautiously optimistic here, because we do love to laugh, but we love to play good games more. Check out the new screens in the gallery too.