Gamers like their cases, but not collecting

I hate giving my games away. Even the crappy ones we get for review I keep on a shelf so I can look at them and wonder why I don’t turn it in for $5. Evidently I am in the minority. A new study commissioned by the Content Delivery and Storage Association (CDSA) and the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) and conducted by The NPD Group, who I’m sure love to do studies that will get obvious results, shows that while 88 percent of people keep their DVD cases and game boxes around most of them (54 percent) only do it so that they can get more money when they trade it in. Only a small percent of people threw the packaging away or stored the games elsewhere like a CD carrying case.

According to the researchers this shows that people consider the packaging part of the product and not just something that holds the product. Makes sense to me and would explain why I’ve still got pristine N64 cardboard game boxes in my apartment. Without the cases these games would be nothing more than a homeless, fully developed product that still works and functions just as well as if it did have a box to live in. Just in case you were wondering how many games are sitting on shelves in their boxes, the average gamer has 48.

Also, in case you were wondering, Oslo is the capitol of Norway. I figured that information was about as useful as any of the rest of the stuff in the story.