Gene Simmons Axe will rock n’ roll all night, party everyday

Madcatz’s Fender Precision Bass Replica has a split strum bar. Logitech’s Premiere Edition Wireless Guitar has authentic metal and wood materials. But Kobian USA’s Gene Simmons Axe Guitar has, well…it’s shaped like a FREAKIN’ BATTLEAXE!

The Israeli-born rocker has lent his name and image to this latest entry into the overly elaborate guitar controller arena, a Guitar Hero and Rock Band compatible replica of his signature axe bass. The Gene Simmons Axe Guitar is a three-quarter sized replica of the Kiss bassist/vocalist’s original, making it slightly larger than the standard controllers – which is good. It also has Simmons’ signature and the face of “The Demon,” his blood-spitting, fire-breathing, tongue-wagging alter ego, painted directly onto the body – which is bad. Bad ass. Right now you can pre-order the PS2/PS3 or Wii versions on for $79.99, certainly and perhaps sadly not the most you could spend on a fake instrument. No word yet on a Xbox 360 version, but judging by the incredibly selective criteria a Simmons-branded product must meet, it’s probably not far behind.