iPhone can beat out DS and PSP, developer believes

Apple has had an ominous advantage when it comes to style and brand recognition, due to their snazzy computers and love-able iPod. When they released the iPhone, pundits saw Apple giving established mobile phone companies a run for their collective money. And it didn’t stop there, as Apple announced that they would be moving into the gaming market, by way of offering games for the iPhone through their new App Store.

Already securing games from companies like Sega, and a whole slew of indies, the App Store has added a great deal of gaming functionality to the already mega popular iPhone. This led many to ponder if the iPhone could possibly enter the arena, and put the clamps down on the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.

If you ask the founders of Ngmoco (short for Next Generation Mobile Company), they’ll tell you that if anybody stands a chance it most certainly is Apple’s iPhone. Ngmoco is the product of two former EA employees, Neil Young and Alan Yu, and the company principally develops games for the iPhone.

The reason why they see the iPhone being able to get a big piece of the gaming pie are simple distribution issues, as explained by Young who says the App store is “an effortless distribution system,” in direct contrasts to to the roadblocks of red tape developers can encounter with trying to get games on the DS or PSP.

But Young believes most of the future success for the iPhone as a mobile gaming device will come from the strength of the games. “If we build great software and it has a great distribution system, we’ll be able to build a pretty phenomenal market. That together will make the iPhone the gaming machine of choice.”