MK vs. DC has a plot?

If you’re like me you were perfectly content to have the heroes and villains of the Mortal Kombat universe and the heroes and villains of the DC universe duke it out for no reason whatsoever in the upcoming MK vs. DC. In fact, despite the game being a much deeper fighter than anyone had thought when it was first announced, I’m pretty sure a true storyline was never actually something anyone expected out of the game. Behold the video above and see that MK vs. DC does indeed deliver in this department too.

Kind of. As far as plots go the whole universes colliding thing has been done to death in gaming and has actually been done so many times in comic books that it died, came back to life and is now roaming the world looking for its one true love. Needless to say originality is not this plots strong point. However, giving an excuse for Superman to pummel Raiden into the ground with a laser blast is, so I believe we will all let it slide.

Is magic the excuse that Superman can be beat up? Weak.