Need ten bucks? Sell RadioShack your broken 360 for cash-money

Having recently purchased an Xbox 360, I am intensely afraid that it will one day decide to go rogue and stop playing games. In the unlikely event that my console does indeed one day display its true color, it’s somewhat reassuring to know that RadioShack will take the broken gadget off my hands in exchange for legal tender.

Aptly called the RadioShack Online Trade-In Program,” the arrangement allows despondent gamers to ship RadioShack their broken gear for (unsurprisingly) RadioShack gift cards. Curiously, a borked 360 fetches roughly ten dollars, while shipping Radioshack a 60 GB PS3 will net you more than double that. RadioShack will then fix it up and sell it to someone else.

Considering how unfortunate those trade-in values are, and keeping in mind how much cash RadioShack will make reselling the items, one cannot help but feel slightly ripped off.