Top sports stars discuss their virtual selves

Ever wondered what it would be like to have yourself immortalized in a game? Well these guys don’t have to. In a feature for The Observer, top sports stars have discussed what it’s like to see themselves recreated in polygons. The results? Some very strange obsessions.

Shaun White, for example, is still hurting from his first videogame hair-do. “I figured I would have this cool character who could do this and that. Instead, my guy had this awkward haircut, a weird afro thing going on.” Poor fella. It’s not all bad news though. Scottish tennis pro Andy Murray is rather more pleased with his virtual self, or rather a particular part of his virtual self. When quizzed about his character in Top Spin 3, Murray had only this to say. “I’m happy with the size of my calves. They’re pretty large.”

Tiger Woods also has a fascinating relationship with his videogame alter-ego. Apparently Woods refuses to play himself in games. “It’s just too weird,” he says. Instead, Tiger always makes two characters; one is a skinny guy in cool clothes, the other is a big fat guy. Both have beards, because Tiger can’t grow one in real life. So while many of us play the latest Tiger Woods game to fantasize we’re the best golfer in the world, the best golfer in the world plays Tiger Woods so he can fantasise he has proper facial hair. Takes all sorts I suppose.