And the beat (for Guitar Hero World Tour) goes on

Put down the soldering iron and slowly step away from the drum kit, slowly – if you are one of the lucky many who have been experiencing sensitivity issues with your new Guitar Hero World Tour drum kit, you’ll be pleased to learn Activision has followed through on their promise to release a drum controller tuning kit, allowing all you would-be rock n’ rollas to self-tune your skins to whatever sensitivity you desire. You kinky bastards, you!

Following widespread reports of problems with the newly-launched Guitar Hero World Tour‘s drums, Activision was quick to acknowledge the problem, but claimed in an official statement that they were “limited to [drum kits made] in the earlier manufacturing stages,” promising to step up random testing in the future.

I suspect Activision knew about this problem, were working on a solution but didn’t want to push back the release date, but then again I also suspect the government is conducting mind-control experiments through digital cable signals – how else can you explain the popularity of The Hills? No, they probably just chucked a case of Red Bull into the Neversoft’s employee break room and chained the doors shut, waiting patiently until the bruised and battered survivors emerged with working code.