How to unlock all songs in Guitar Hero World Tour

So you went out this past Sunday and purchased the full band edition of Guitar Hero World Tour, and you’ve been furiously hammering away at the solo guitar mode with hopes of unlocking the entire setlist ahead of the huge World Tour party you’re hosting this weekend.

You can picture it now: your house is full of beautiful people smiling, laughing, sipping from red plastic cups. You connect the instruments you previously tested to ensure functionality. A friend pats you on the back and proclaims “Best party ever!” as you navigate to the quickplay menu and find a paltry handful of songs. Cue the crickets.

As it turns out, some reviews are reporting that songs you unlock in a single-player mode are not playable by a full band unless you’ve also unlocked them in the full band career. Your guests are on the verge of a riot. You’ve got egg literally streaming down your face because rather than take back his “Best party ever!” remark, your back-patting buddy decided to express his disappointment in a more creative way. What do you do?

I’ll tell you what you do. You go to the “Cheats” section of the “Options” menu and strum the following notes on your guitar: Blue, Blue, Red, Green, Green, Blue, Blue, Yellow. Then you wipe that egg off your face, tongue-kiss the prettiest guy or girl in the room, and kick off the greatest plastic instrument party this world has ever seen. You’re welcome. Oh, and thanks.