NXE brings streaming HD video to the 360

Ok ok, I know that we’ve been talking alot about the New Xbox Experience, but this news is pretty epic. By epic, I mean that it has actually made me–*gasp*– excited for the new dashboard. When the NXE was first revealed, many people were immediately impressed with the addition of Netflix. The Netflix service would allow users to stream movies from their queue to their 360 console. However, Microsoft kept very quiet when asked if HD content would be available as well. After all, not even the Netflix instant queue had HD content available for PC users.

Well guess what. The Xbox 360 will be able to stream HD content with the launch of the NXE on Nov. 19. Microsoft will be the first to try out this service, and it is exclusive to 360 users. Don’t get too excited though, as there are only 300 HD movies available at launch, and the ability to stream the content depends on your connection speed. But the library of HD content is expected to grow, and you better believe I am going to be streaming some 1080p Gundam.