Obama wants you off the couch

A good sign that a candidate is basically swimming in support money is when he can afford to develop an ad directed specifically at a very niche audience. Take the above commercial for Obama which is clearly directed at gamers and prompts us to get off the couch and go make a difference. People this applies to are not that large a chunk of the population, however, they are the chunk of the population that don’t usually get out and vote, so maybe it needed to be done.

I’m not quite sure I’m too pleased with being called a couch potato by a possible future president of the United States since I know I’m going to extra lengths to make sure I’ll be voting on Nov. 4. On the filp side though the message is sound. There won’t be any change of any sort if people don’t get out and vote. Obama has been running a hard campaign in the videogame world with ads popping up everywhere. Think this will help him increase his lead over McCain as the election nears?