Rumor / The Beatles are coming! The Beatles are coming!

Since the dawn of plastic guitars and toy drum sets that hook up with your gaming console and let you feel like a rockstar one band has eluded every faux-rocker out there. The Beatles need to be in a music game. The greatest band ever can’t be looked over by the hottest gaming genre in recent history. Of course rumors have always been floating out there about the fab four coming to either Rock Band or Guitar Hero but we’ve never got any confirmation. But, now after a nice little email from MTV, we have complete and total confirmation of absolutely nothing.

We received an email detailing an upcoming press confrence that will take place tomorrow with MTV Networks, who own not only Harmonix but also Apple Corps, who in turn are the administrators of The Beatles releases. In said press conference they will make an announcement about an “exclusive agreement to develop a global music project.” The release also listed a PR contact for Rock Band 2. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and putting two and two together is sometimes hard for me, so I have to give some cred to outside sources for putting the whole puzzle together, but it seems like this will be some Beatles-tastic announcement time involving Rock Band 2. The only question is, aside from if this is true or not, is whether or not this means that we won’t be seeing any Beatles music for Guitar Hero.