007 Rabbid spot is funny, kind of

The Rabbids are actually some of my favorite modern day gaming characters despite the fact that they seem to be keeping Ubisoft too busy to make an actual Rayman sequel. I’ve enjoyed both of their mini-game laden games and they’ve basically proven to me that with the right attitude and clever design a mini-game collection is actually something worth buying. My favorite character throughout all of time and history is James Bond. So the two coming together is something we must post about.

The Raving Rabbids ads have always been humorous since the Rabbids themselves are downright funny. So placing one in the the signature Bond barrel opening is a no-brainer for a few giggles. Of course instead of the Rabbid shooting his assailant the assailant gets a shot off burying a carrot deep in the Rabbids mouth. Oh, the comedy genius! Oh, this is an ad for the new balance board equipped Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Pary, by the way.