A seriously helpful Fallout retrospective

This is going to sound weird, but in our opinion there aren’t many truly valuable pieces of video footage on the internet. Sure, there are plenty of funny clips on a few sites and many, many hours of pornography but does that all really matter? You may be tempted to argue “yes”, but only until you check out the amazing job Gametrailers did creating a super-informative Fallout retrospective.

Fallout 3 is turning into one of the highest-reviewed games of the holiday season so it’s no surprise that gamers new to the franchise are eagerly hunting down information on its post-nuclear setting and generally just trying to figure out what the hell it’s all about. Gametrailers saw this need and filled it so well you may be tempted to ask why things like this aren’t created more often. The video takes a look at all of the games that have carried the Fallout name and presents a perfectly crafted overview to get you all caught up. We highly recommend checking it out and then immediately going down to your local game shop and picking up number three. You won’t be disappointed.