Beatles game is not a Rock Band 2 expansion, also actually exists

Yesterday we got a press release about an announcement Harmonix was going to make today via a press conference. The Internet detectives went to work and everyone deduced it would be about the Beatles coming to Rock Band. Today we have learned that those theories were right as the companies involved have announced a brand new videogame featuring the Beatles. Those present for the phone conference say that Rock Band 2 was only mentioned once and that it was expressly explained that this was a game being designed from the ground up, not some sort of expansion.

The game will involve a journey (probably more psychological than physical) from the first Beatles album to the last and will use plastic instrument peripherals, but everyone involved wants to stress that this is not Rock Band. It will also feature heavy exploration of the Beatles in a visual style, whatever that means. This does mean however that Harmonix has snagged exclusive rights to the Beatles songs and Guitar Hero will be missing out. It doesn’t mean that Beatles songs won’t be coming to Rock Band 2 since it seems to still be a possibility.

I say good for them. The Beatles deserve their own game and one that does a bit more than just ask you to press buttons at the right time. If they really go all out with this it could become the next big step in music gaming. Then again they could just be talking smack that they have no intention of backing up and we’ll just be seeing Rock Band: The Beatles. In case you’d like to know what the remaining Beatles have to say about all this, read on.

“The project is a fun idea which broadens the appeal of The Beatles and their music. I like people having the opportunity to get to know the music from the inside out,” Sir Paul McCartney said.

“It gives me great pleasure to be part of The Beatles / Apple and Harmonix / Rock Band partnership,” said Ringo Starr. “The Beatles continue to evolve with the passing of time and how wonderful that The Beatles’ legacy will find its natural progression into the 21st century through the computerized world we live in. Let the games commence.”

“It’s cool. I love it and hope it will keep inspiring and encouraging the young generation for many decades,” said Yoko Ono Lennon.

“People are having so much fun playing Rock Band. Combined with The Beatles tracks, it is a great way to either listen or participate,” said Olivia Harrison. “If you like the music, it doesn’t take much persuasion to get you to play.”