Compatability issues surface for the DSi?

Backwards compatibility has been one of Nintendo’s biggest boons for it’s portable systems. Being able to play the last generation’s games is a major selling pont and gives any platform and already established base of games. So then, how horrible would it be if an update to a system wasn’t even fully compatable with games designed for the older version. Reports are coming in from an unnamed developer that one of their forthcoming games is having troubles being compatible with Nintendo’s new DSi. Trouble in paradise?

Probably not. Nintendo has repeatedly stated that every single DS game will work with the DSi except for those that require the GBA slot on the bottom, and you have to believe they tested these things. We’re guessing this developer just hit a snag and wants to blame it on someone or the code for its game, which is in development, has something that Nintendo may have looked over that is glitching. Either way it doesn’t seem like that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. Of course if there is an actual problem public outcry will quickly bring it to the worlds attention. Heaven forbid someone can’t take care of their Petz anymore.