Indie developers in Apple’s corner

Over at the Casual Games Forum in London, iPhone developers have taken a chance to bestow a high dosage of props on the iPhone, and Apple’s approach to developers.

“Support has been excellent – more than you might expect from other companies that work in the games sector. Everything they tell us is very useful,” said James Brooksby, head of Kuju’s Doublesix studio.

He sentiments were echoed by Cobra Mobile CEO Mark Ettle who added, “Apple has been fantastic to work with. We have worked with other manufacturers that won’t tell you anything. We’ve found that they don’t just like games but also toys and entertainment software – especially as a means to differentiate the product from others. The message I get is that they are quite happy to push for the little small developer as long as the little small developer is pushing out the quality games.”

Bad Management representative John Cook summed up the praises by saying, “The decision to go topdown and use a business model that fits everybody was their [Apple’s] best idea. They aren’t trying to control the content or platform in anyway, and they think choice is good. That’s a different view from every other format holder – and it’s very healthy.”

If we can be certain of one thing thus far, it’s after two straight days of props from developers, Apple seems to be on the right track with the indies.