Media Molecule expanding LittleBigPlanet with more levels

LittleBigPlanet has arrived and found a home in many PS3s across the world, to the sound of joy, happiness, and an unoffensive soundtrack. While the game has been showered with kudos and praise, there has been some disdain, in terms of there not being quite enough platforming goodness to quench gamers’ appetites, which is kind of strange considering the whole ‘play, create, share’ idea behind the game. Well, Media Molecule has got you covered either way, seeing as more levels are on the way courtesy of the developers themselves. And they aren’t just stopping there, extra costumes, materials, and content will also be arriving to your PS3.

Some things LBP enthusiasts will not be seeing is the addition of weapons or power-ups, as associate producer Eric Fong states: “In our opinion, the spirit of LittleBigPlanet was to ‘figure ways around obstacles’ and less about blowing stuff up, though certainly a player can already create their own experience to include missile launchers and the like.”