Sony says you can’t go Home again

Sad news in my virtual mailbox – $3 won’t buy your way into Sony’s Home. The corporate landlords sent out an e-mail informing all would-be party crashers that keys to the closed beta of Home, Sony’s much anticipated online service, will not find their way into the hands of one-time purchasers of the November edition of Qore.

“As an update to the PLAYSTATION 3 News email sent on Friday, October 24th, the special invitation to PlayStation Home’s closed beta is available only to Qore annual subscribers who purchased subscriptions by 10/29,” said Sony. “Qore Episode 06 purchasers will not be eligible for the special PlayStation Home beta invitation at this time. We apologize for the miscommunication.”

So, if like me you were willing to pay Sony $3, but not a cent more, to ACT AS FREE LABOR testing the beta for a service expected to drop in a few short months, feel free to go all passive-agressive and delete the Home theme. Who wants to be in their stupid club anyway? *runs crying hysterically from room, slams bedroom door off hinges*