EA lays off employees as the economy takes its toll

The EA offices, I suspect, are currently filled with the soft, leather crunching of collective belt tightening. The current economic climate has forced the company and many others like it to shift resources and cut expenses in an effort to stay afloat. Unfortunately for the average EA employee, however, salaries are expenses, and for the approximately six hundred soon-to-be-former employees of EA, some of them are going to get cut.

While EA’s revenues totaled over $800,000,000 this year, a major increase from last year, its losses also increased, totaling $310 million. In an attempt to rectify this, EA plans to cut six percent of its workforce, which they hope will save them $50 million.

Though EA says that the lay-offs will be dispersed globally, it would be interesting to see if any particular studios are getting more than their fare share of unemployment.