Feel better about yourself — blow up some terrorists

Apparently barbequeing zombies just isn’t enough for some people. Now Gammick Entertainment, along with Deep Silver and developer Abylight, is giving us the chance to burn out terrorists too. Elite Forces: Unit 77 is a new action/strategy game for the Nintendo DS set to release Q1 2009.

Terrorists worldwide have organized major kidnappings including high profile figures in the fields of science, industry and even more importantly entertainment (look out Chuck they’re coming for ya! Turn into Lone Wolf McQuade and open up a can of whoop ass). Now the terrorists have set their demands and deadlines and it will be up to a team of four to save the hostages as well as millions of other innocent people.

The four professionals players will control are: Bill “The Drill” Matic the tech expert and hacker; Kendra Chase, former black-ops and greatest sniper on the planet; TK Richter, pilot and explosives expert; and finally the group tank and artillery soldier Dag Hammer. The strategy element will be knowing how to use each of their unique skills to navigate stages and save the hostages. The action part will be using those mad skills to kill the terrorists.

Players will need all their skills because the terrorists are well funded and have managed to buy bases in the best evil real-estate markets, including humid jungle lairs, dry but still incredibly hot desert lairs and frigid arctic layers (no secret volcano lairs have yet to be disclosed).