Feel even better about yourself — burn some zombies

The zombie menace may invading WWII, but their also planning a full scale invasion on the PSN early next year. Doublesix, the developer of Geometry Wars: Galaxies and PSN shooter Nucelus, is unleashing the undead just to set them on fire with Burn Zombie Burn!

Burn Zombie Burn! has been created in the classic third-person shooter of the classic coin-op era. See Smash TV or Alien Syndrome if you need a reference (that or the above picture). Players take the role of Bruce, a cross between Bruce Campbell and Elvis, who was trying to spend some “quality time” with his girlfriend Daisy in the back of his car when the zombies invade. Expect plenty of campy humor to go with this B-movie plot.

Bruce, like his name sake, will get a hold of some great and sometimes very odd weapons. There are classics like the pistol, Gatling gun, baseball bat, cricket bat (because we wouldn’t want some people left out), and chainsaw. Then are flamethrowers, mines and other explosives along with a lawnmower and the Brain Gun, which is a converted vacuum cleaner that can suck the brains out of zombies.

Players will strike out across six American horror movie inspired levels–The Woods, Graveyard, Suburbia, Drive-In, Military Base and of course a Secret Lab. Stringing together kills by setting waves of zombies on fire and then blowing them up boost your score tremendously, but watch out because burning zombies become faster and can in turn burn Bruce. Also killing with the same weapon constantly builds toward a Level Event. When three combo tickers are maxed out the event is activated and players will get help from things like UFOs, a God Ray and Laser Beams.

In addition to the three single-player modes, Freeplay, Timed and Defence, Burn Zombie Burn! has Freeplay and Timed for co-op play. Players can also try out ten custom challenges like “My Exploding Zombie Head,” and “Lawn of the Dead.” Think of the lawnmower weapon and visualize that last one. Yummy! Bet they don’t have that in Call of Duty!