Investigating the last battleground state

With only four days left until election day, the United States presidential candidates are racing across the nation to secure votes. There is one place though that they are ignoring, and with a population of 11 million, it seems odd that they would do so. That place is Azeroth, and until now no one has bothered to canvas the virtual world. Thank God for Rich Kuras, who has taken it upon himself to investigate the political opinions of Azeroth’s citizens. As Kuras travels through the land, he asks the important questions and gets some pretty weird answers in response. My favorite exchange being:

Kuras:”What is the most important issue to you?”
Undead-Warlock, level 37: “Preserving my right to choose, because I think the government should stay out of my va-jay jay.”

I love how gamers are able to break down complex social issues in such an easy way.