It’s the end of (Tom Clancy’s) world as we know it

This trailer for Tom Clancy’s Endwar looks cool, but…uhm…should we be worried? Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, originally published in 2001, was about Russia invading Georgia in the year 2008 and THEN THAT SHIT REALLY HAPPENED, unfolding in manner uncannily similar to the way it did in the game, minus your personal intervention as a member of an elite fighting force. Not only did “Crystal Ball Clancy” predict what would happen and where, he got the timing down to the same month. THE SAME MONTH!

And before you brush this off as mere coincidence, know this isn’t the first time Clancy has predicted, or should I say controlled real life events: in his1994 book, Debt of Honor, he described a terrorist attack involving a plane crashing into the Capitol, the intended destination of the flight heroically brought down by passengers during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

I think we can safely say that Tom Clancy 1.) has numerous high-placed and well-informed contacts within the intelligence community, 2.) bases his books on plausible predictions of future geopolitical events and 3.) has the power to manipulate the future through fiction because 4.) he is an alien.

I will definitely be buying this game. And I will definitely stockpiling water, canned goods and batteries.

Oh, and the demo is now up on PSN as well.