Media Molecule apologizes for bumpy launch with LittleBigFreebies

Sackboys and sackgirls rejoice! Sony and Media Molecule are offering their apologies for the “bumpy release” in the form of free, and still-as-cute but not-as-free, downloadable content for LittleBigPlanet. Now they will have to plead for calm for a decidedly more media-friendly reason, as the long awaited launch spacesuit and new Halloween mask become available for download next Thursday, November 7th. Both these costumes fall into the seasonal category, and as such are a limited time offer to be moved to an offline database on Thursday, November 20th. Free community-created costumes will always be available.

Sony and Media Molecule also revealed their for-pay pricing structure, with regular Sackboy costumes, like the fashionable frog and gorilla pictured above, going for $.99, and and premium Sackboy costumes, like the adorable Old Snake and Sephiroth we previously showcased, going for $1.99. When you look at it on a per-costume basis, it’s less than you’d find wedged in your car seats, but that’s how this nickel and dime scam works – they know I will have to COLLECT EVERY SINGLE COSTUME. They should just setup a system that automatically deducts the cost of all new LittleBigPlanet DLC for your paycheck, just like social security. Better, really, since unlike social security you’d get to use it in this lifetime. Until then we’ll have to settle for costume bundle packs, in flavors both basic ($2.99) and premium ($5.99). But seriously, start petitioning your congressman…