Two new Quantum of Solace vids to tide us over the weekend

Thanks to my other job I had the chance to see Quantum of Solace last night, and while I can’t tell you anything about the film since the PR people have basically threatened to shoot me in the head if I do, I can tell you that I can’t wait to get my hands on the game and start playing it. Hopefully it comes soon. Until then we’ll just have to wait it out and make do with these two new vids that got sent over to us. The first gives a little info on the fantastic Judi Dench and how much she’s looking forward to watching her grandson play the game, and the second is basically more gameplay with the Bond theme over it.

If you’re pacing around your room right now wondering how in the world you’re going to get the game at the earliest possible moment, we’ve got the answer for that too. Best Buy will be holding special midnight release parties across the country for the game on Nov. 3. If you get to the Best Buy in Hollywood early you’ll be one of the first to play the new Bond song, “Another Way to Die,” on Guitar Hero: World Tour. I suppose our prediction in the podcast came true, now if only the Bond theme got shoved in there with the forthcoming download.

Let’s see, is there any other Bond news we can throw out there? Ah yes, it’s out in Europe already. Fitting since Bond is British, I suppose, but it makes me want it now too. So to run this all down real quick: Dame Judi Dench won’t play the new Bond game, the English can play the new Bond game now and Americans have to wait until the clock ticks midnight on Nov. 3 — which will then be Nov. 4.