AC/DC Live: less bang for your Rock Band bucks

Since Guitar Hero and Rock Band launched the music game genre into the stratosphere, gamers have been compiling song and artist wish lists. And while some bands remain elusive (where, oh where are the Led Zep and Pink Floyd tracks?), each subsequent sequel and DLC pack has had us crossing artists off our most-wanted lists. With the inclusion of “Let There Be Rock” in Rock Band 2, we were finally able to dress as school boys and duck walk around our living rooms to an AC/DC tune.

If that one song just isn’t enough for you, the AC/DC Live track pack went on sale today exclusively at your friendly neighborhood Walmart. Samit Sarkar of Destructoid recently had a chance to visit MTV’s offices and play through the 18 songs on the standalone disc. According to Sarkar, the pack runs on the Rock Band 1 engine but offers the same opportunity to rip songs to your hard drive for play in Rock Band 2. Be prepared to pay a premium though. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions retail for $39.88, which means you’ll be paying around $2.21 a track. With DLC tracks normally priced at $1.99, that’s a bit of a mark-up.

What say you, TVGB faithful? Is the price-per-track validated by AC/DC’s rock legend status (call it the Back in Black tax)? Or is this another reason to fling unfettered hatred and bile on Walmart? Mmmm, bile.