Are used games hurting the industry?

Apparently so, at least that’s what David Braben, the founder of Lost Winds developer Frontier Developments said recently. According to Braben, all retailers that allow trade-ins and sell used games are defrauding the industry.

While we’re certain he’s not the only person to make complaints about this, he’s been kind enough to offer some solutions in order to make everyone happy, if that’s possible. One solution? A rental system.

“They brought out rental copies, and copies not for resale or rental. That distinction is really important in the video market, and all of the chains honor it because they know it’s more than their life’s worth not to. My argument is that for every game there are two versions. One is personal, not for resale and it’s made abundantly clear you can’t sell it. And it’s made available for something like GBP 25. And a resale and rental copy, which in film is actually about GBP 80.”

He also offers a plan that helps give rewards to people who decide to stick with the new games they buy. With said rewards, he hopes that it will encourage people to keep on buying new games instead of heading to their local GameStop to trade it in.

If all this used games madness doesn’t stop, Braben says that the whole gaming industry will be forced to go online, killing off single-player games. Getting rid of hard copies of games? That would kind of blow. Not kinda, really blow. And the same goes for single-player games. We can’t lie, we feel a certain satisfaction in driving home with a copy of a game so we can pop it into our console and have hours of fun. So let’s just hope this tradition doesn’t go away just yet.