CD Projekt thank their fans with new The Witcher material

The release of The Witcher last year was a breath of fresh air. It acquired a plethora of awards and nominations such as “Best PC RPG of the year,” “Game of the year,” “Best RPG,” to mention a few. It sold over one million copies in a year and CD Projekt have ever since been grateful to their fans, showing their appreciation by listening to the critique and releasing The Witcher: Enhanced Edition with re-recorded dialog, more quests, improved graphics and much more.

CD Projekt have now released a video for their fans (although you should watch it even if you aren’t) with some never before seen material from future projects. We get to see clips from their upcoming first-person shooter THEY and some footage from what looks to be a sequel to The Witcher. Geralt doesn’t seem to have lost his touch, as he elegantly cuts some knight’s head off. CD Projekt are just getting started. This we applaud.