Could we get another NXE?

Most people believe that within two to three years we will see the next installment of the Xbox, and it’s possible considering that Microsoft jumped the gun last time, but that might not be all we have to look forward to. According to Xbox LIVE product manager Jerry Johnson, we might see another NXE-like update within that same timeframe. In an interview with Eurogamer, Johnson doesn’t rule out the possibility of updating, or even overhauling the dashboard again.

“If our customers want it, and the market wants it, we can do it again. There’s no date set on it though,” he said. While that doesn’t specifically point out another overhaul of the dashboard, it certainly does not rule it out. Somehow though, we believe that whether they want it or not, 360 users will be given another dashboard. We can already see the demand for more intricate Avatar creation, perhaps adding farting to the wide variety of expressions it can make. That alone would warrant a huge overhaul in the NXE. Mark our words, the fart update is coming.