BioShock “Challenge Rooms” detailed and priced

Some juicy info and a price have been announced for the PS3-exclusive BioShock DLC. 2K Games have said that the add-on, coming in the form of three challenge rooms, will be available worldwide on PlayStation Network from Nov. 20, at $9.99 (in North America, no word on the other regions). Featuring all new locations and artwork, the content will test your BioShock mettle with three self-contained scenarios.

  • A Shocking Turn of Events: A Little Sister is trapped atop a Ferris wheel. Players must create electricity to power the Ferris wheel and bring the Little Sister to safety.
  • The I in Team: Using limited resources, and an even more limited arsenal, players must negotiate traps and find a way to defeat a Big Daddy.
  • Worlds of Hurt: Players must battle through eight rooms of Big Daddies, Splicers and the worst that Rapture has to offer. Accumulate Adam, build an arsenal of Plasmids, Tonics and Weaponry, and fight through to rescue the Little Sister.

Word is that all of this will take ‘over an hour’ to play through, and that it was designed with replayability in mind. That sounds like a time-trial flavoured hint to me, though we will have to wait and see. Get your downloading thumbs ready people!