Heavy Rain presentation shows different scenarios

This is a somewhat old, yet new video showing a demo from Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain from the Micromania Games Show 2008 in Paris. We remember the video from E3 showing our female protagonist searching through a guy’s house and then getting into a knife fight, and we’ve already seen how the infamous quicktime-events work. What’s new about this video then? (Gameplay starts approximately 3 minutes into it.)

It basically shows us how versatile the game can be. When our girl have made her way into the house, using some rather ingenious techniques, she stumbles upon a few stuffed women and hears the house owner come home. In a very Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit-like manner, half the screen focuses on the antagonist while the other half shows normal gameplay. While he turns on the TV and has himself a cold beer, our girl silently sneaks through the house, into the garage and then outside and drives away. The video then starts over from where our murderer comes home. Then follows the scenario we’ve already seen from E3 – he finds her in a closet and a fierce battle commences.

The intensity of Heavy Rain seems almost overwhelming. Although what we see in the video isn’t a part of the real game it gives us a nice idea of how thrilling the game actually can be. The entire chase sequence made me really nervous and the beautiful shadow effects, the filmish camera and the dark atmosphere all amplified that feeling. Now all we’re waiting for is some new gameplay footage from Remedy’s Alan Wake to up the antes.