Legendary gets graphic novel treatment

If you can’t wait until tomorrow to get your fix of werewolves, minotaurs, griffons and other mythological monsters, indie publisher Top Cow Productions has published a graphic novel adaptation of the fantasy action game Legendary.

The game revolves around protagonist and moron extraordinaire Charles Deckard, a thief who is tricked into stealing and inadvertently opening that pesky Pandora’s Box, releasing all manner of devilish monsters and, to the great relief of humanity, branding his hand with a mystic rune which allows him to absorb healing energy, hurt mythical beast and solve magical puzzles. A shame Pandora couldn’t put that time spent crafting powerful and complex hand-branding fail safes into building a better lock, but MacGuffin-moments aside, it makes for an awe-inspiring premise.

Hopefully, that same sense of wonder will translate into the literary version of Legendary, penned by written by comic-industry veteran Mark Waid, best known for his apocalyptic superhero story Kingdom Come and best loved (by me) for his supervillain triumphant tale Empire. The 96-page comic fleshes out the backstory of Deckard, including how he gets involved with Pandora’s Box, his dealings with the Illuminati-esque Black Order, and his acceptance of his role as the savior of mankind. Just a little light reading.