C&C Red Alert 3 to love the PS3 again

Back in June, EA broke the PS3’s heart when they said the console wouldn’t be taking its dear, sweet Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 to the prom due to its tougher development structure. Tears were shed, expletives were deleted and no doubt, lots of teen angst on the level of Romeo & Juliet was expelled — yes, I’m talking about the movie with Leo and the guns because it’s emo. There’s good news to this tale of love and tragedy, however.

EA has decided the two love birds belong together and reports the PS3 version of Red Alert 3 is back on track, bringing with it some “really cool things.” The specifics are being kept secret for now, but I hear there’s like-like for the PS3’s Blu-ray, large storage space and 1080p support. While it sounds like the passion is heating up between both parties, I hope they understand the union must be blessed by the Hoff before it can be officially recognized. I don’t write the law, I just throw things at it.