Get PS3 games and movies galore at your local vending machine

Vending machines that sell PlayStation 3 games and movies? I’m sold! And while the U.K. might not be following in Japan’s footsteps completely by selling beer and porn while they’re at it, videogames in a vending machine does have a nice ring to it.

So far Universal Pictures and Sony have finished their talks and have agreed to manufacture and distribute “PoP Instant Entertainment 24/7” machines across the U.K. So pretty much you stick $60 in the machine and POP! There is your game and/or movie nicely wrapped and ready for your enjoyment. Other items up for grabs are Blu-ray discs, DVDs and media downloads.

Both companies are wanting to have 150 movies available by the time these things start rolling out, with the option of buying some of the hottest titles, like Hellboy II and yes, even Mama Mia. Did people seriously like that movie? Anyways, those are some of the options that will be given to all those lucky people living in the U.K. Want to download media onto your MP3 player or SD card? Don’t worry, they’ve got you covered. And while no security details have been offered up, be sure that they will be guarded with nothing less than a laser cannon. Ok, maybe not that high of a defense, but don’t expect to be able to rip these things off easily.

Here is where I cry. There is no word yet as to when, if ever, the U.S. will be graced with these awesome vending machines. But one can dream! When can we ever join in on the fun and say we bought Fallout 3 through a vending machine? Never, because people like torturing us.