Spiders would rule the world!

Please watch the above video before reading further.

Ok, be honest and admit it. If spiders could pull off that kind of %#@!, like swinging from the fan, we would NOT be the dominate species on this planet. Spider-Man must have returned the favor and bit this hairy arachnid because it has some unbelievable moves. The scorpion’s moves look awesome too. In one scene it even forces a lizard’s mouth open and stabs its stinger right down the thing’s throat. Fan-freakin-tastic!

We’re glad to see more gameplay examples of how the motion controls are going to work considering the fact that this game is the result of the good folks at Rainbow Studios asking how cool would it be to use the Wiimote to control a snake. Well Rainbow, pulling the Wiimote and Nunchuk apart to simulate the scorpion tearing the wings off of that wasp was definitely the way to go.

The gameplay makes the scorpion look like nature’s version of a WCW superstar the way it mercilessly throws its prey around. Deadly Creatures may not win any awards from Animal Planet, but it is sure to have the more hardcore Wii owners wanting to get their bug on (yes, we know arachnids aren’t bugs, “bug on” just sounds better); and it is sure to have arachnophobes taking down their ceiling fans.