Teaser trailer makes Salvation look god awful

When I first read about Salvation, the The Davinci Code meets The Postman shooter from Ukrainian developer Black Wing Foundation, I thought the concept sounded intriguing, if not incredibly sacrilegious. The year is 2026 and the world government has had a great idea – “Hey, let’s use genetic engineering to create clones of Christ and the Antichrist, kill them to trigger an faux Judgement Day, then create a totalitarian fundamentalist regime from the bruised and battered remnants of humanity, who for some reason are now crazy clones called ‘Angels’!” Also, giant robots.

In development for the Xbox 360 and PC, the game uses Valve’s Source Engine, letting players control three freedom fighters (one of whom might be The Matrix’s Trinity) looking to bring down the “Regime,” the new government watching over a server connected directly to Heaven and sentencing dissidents to Hell, a cybernetic virtual reality system designed to provide constant torment.

But after watching this teaser trailer, I have to wonder – is this the constant torment they were talking about? Is this hell? Specifically, is this the hell of voice-actors-who-learned-English-phonetically? Looks good, when we’re not checking out extreme closeups of that creepy monks fingernails, but sounds awful. God awful.