Updated / Watch a new Mirror’s Edge trailer, unlock Time Trial mode in demo

Ever wonder where the packages that the Runners in Mirror’s Edge transport come from? Who organizes when and where the pickups and drop offs take place? The new story trailer above puts a face on the guy you hear in the earpiece during the game and shows that the business side of things are handled by a tattooed, computer savvy, pimp-like character who finds the work, distributes it, and like all pimpin’ pimps, seems pretty confident that none of his girls can get hurt while on the job, which sounds like tempting faith and probably means someone in the game will get hurt.

But let’s not talk of what could be but of what is. Or more precisely, what we have that you could potentially want. And that’s some codes that will unlock stuff in the Mirror’s Edge demo that was released last week. People who don’t have the game pre-ordered could do exactly nothing to access the Time Trial part of the demo, seeing as it asks them to feed it with a certain 16-digit code. Thanks to the nice PR folks at EA, we have 10 of these codes up for grabs, and we’re giving them away in a quick and easy first-come, first-served basis. Meaning if you want a code, just leave a comment below, we’ll email you one over, and you’ll be racing on rooftops trying to beat others’ times in no time.

Update: All the codes are on their way to their happy new homes, check your emails.